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PureWow is a digital publication dedicated to finding ways to make life more interesting, beautiful and manageable for women. Our motto: "Elevate the Everyday."

I work on PureWow’s branding, social media content, motion graphics, and branded content. I oversee the design and execution of all social media content and video.

PureWow’s Instagram

I am responsible for constantly updating, experimenting, and tweaking PureWow’s Instagram design and overall brand. Posts range from social videos, graphic memes, and custom illustrations.


Sample Posts

Branded Video Content

I work with various brands, including Kiwi, Old Navy, Olay (and many many more), to create assets that marry the PureWow aesthetic with the individual brands.

slide 1.jpg

Social Video Franchise Branding

Branded various social “shows” with title treatment and graphics. These are ongoing series that run on PureWow’s Instagram.